Tattoo on Ankle

penelope cruz tattooIt's Penelope Cruz's tattoo. Simple. Yet, it's her tattoo, though!

Tattoo on Ankle (3)

Awesome! I believe it's Asian Tattoo. Beautiful Tattoo!

Tattoo on Ankle (2)

tattooed ankle
Tattoo on ankle with red flower design? What a personal!

Tattoo on Ankle (1)

tattooed ankle
This tattoo is absolutely beautiful. Can be more if it's real.

Tattooed Face (3)

Tattoo in tribal styles.
Tattoo is unique and beautiful.

Tattoed Face (2)

tattooed face
Tattoo on this face is for real, the tattoo art is real.

Tattooed Face (1)

For the beauty sake, she beautiful on what she believes.

Woman Tattoo (1)

woman tattoo
It's on men body, but it's woman tattoo

Tattoo In Photograph 4

tattooed woman
Thanks for the tattoo artist and the photographer.

Tattoo In Photograph 1

tattooed woman
Tattoo is beautiful art, so is the photograph.

Tattoo On Chest

tattoed woman
For the beauty matter, tattoo on the chest works.

Tattoo on face

tattoo on face
Definitely a freedom expression, indeed.

Still, On Foot

tattoo on foot
This is the best tattoo on foot I've ever seen

Yes, Baby ! Put Them On The Side !

tattoo on the side
Flowers grows anywhere, do you agree?

Peek A Boo

peek a boo
I'm feeling lucky to be there at the shot.

Lying on the bed of tattoos

tattooed back
Wonder who's the lucky guy tattoing this beautiful back.

Tattooed Blonde Woman

tattooed blonde
For the photography reason, there is o.k. to expose the tattoo with the blonde.

Beautiful Tattoo Beautifies You

beautiful tatoo
There is such a right opinion, beautiful tattoo beautifies you.

Belly's Dragon

belly tattoo
This belly's side is yours, Dragon.

Tattoo Design And How To Choose The Right One For You

Making the big decision to go ahead and get a new tattoo requires a considerable quantity of due thought. The main consideration is the kind of tattoo design that you would like and the second consideration is where on your body you are going to have it done.

A tattoo can be an indicator of the kind of person you are in terms of what style you like and can even give others clues about your personality so it pays to take your time and plan out the tattoo you want. Check out different tattoo artists and parlours before making your decision. Also try and choose one based on a recommendation from somebody you know that has had a tattoo done that you admire. Whatever you do, don't check in at the first tattoo parlor you see and get a tattoo done.

Only the other day, one of my friends had a tattoo done rather hastily and I could tell he wasn't overly enamoured with the overall result. Too late now though, he's got to live with it unless he wants to go through expensive procedures to get it removed.

When you find the tattoo artist that you want to do your tattoo, have a meeting with them first to talk about the tattoo designs that are available, along with how much each tattoo is going to cost. Also view the artists designs and work whilst you are there.

Be sure to also choose a tattoo parlor that is licensed, as your health is a primary concern, along with hygienic conditions. It is also of value to consider if there are any implications on your life that this new tattoo will have. For instance, a tattoo on your forearm is probably not going to go down too well in a job that involves working with the public when you want to wear a short sleeved shirt in the summer. You get the idea.

Also think about whether you really want to live with this tattoo design for the rest of your mortal days. Sure, you make think it's the best thing since sliced bread when you initially look at the design, but are you going to feel that way in 5 years from now when you wake up to look in the mirror at it each morning.

You may also want to take along some pictures of tattoo designs that interest you to the tattoo artist so that they have a good idea of the kind of tattoo you would like. Small tattoos are simple enough to do, but large tattoos require more thought, time and consideration.

The internet is full of great tattoo designs, so it's also well worth checking in at cyberspace for a while and do some surfing to find the best tattoo design possible for you.

Richard Davies (

Papua New Guniea Girl

tattooed woman
This little girl shows confident before camera.

Private Tattoo

private tattoo
I have a full right on where I should put my tattoos on

God Is Love

sexy tattooed woman
For God is Love. Yes, you are right, it's a good idea for telling it with tattoo.

Beauty On The Back

Tattoo's have grown in acceptance and have become much more mainstream in the last ten or so years. It's interesting that tattoo businesses are now calling themselves tattoo "salons" and tattoo "studios" instead of using the old phrase tattoo "parlor". In a 2003 poll it was found that 16% of American adults have a tattoo. You see many young women now with a lower back tattoo. Technology has helped advance the popularity of tattooing with better longer lasting colors and improvement in equipment.
tattooed back
Still about beauty on the back, good looking side.